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Pithoragarh Kandali Festival - Kandali Festival

The Kandali festival celebrated in the Kumaon area of Uttarakhand have their own appeal and spell over its visitors. The ones who envision for this favorable celebration the most are the Rung Tribals of Pithoragarh District. This celebration was last held in 2011, where the clans honor the thrashing of Zorawar Singh's armed force which assaulted the zone in the late nineteenth Century.

One may discover a few legends that pursue the festival of this hopeful celebration. The one that is prominently heard and authorized in the celebration is that when the towns close-by Pithoragarh were being ransacked by the warriors who were en route contiguous the Kali River, they found a protect spot in the Kangdali plants. At the point when the ladies having a place with the town attempted to repulse the fighters, similar plants wound up being wrecked and removed.

About Festival Celebration

The ceremonies that are followed in the celebration are that ladies begin the parade where they evacuate the plants become over the period with rills alongside men and kids conveying swords. The plants are reclaimed home as the blemishes of war.

A celebration with such an incredible history is inadequate without the entrancing sound of society music and move, and henceforth the clans play out their uncommon move upon the demolitions of the plants blooming like clockwork in the region. Voyagers from the nation over are joined by local people from different towns to make the celebration more extreme and to keep conventions and traditions together for the coming ages.

The Kandali celebration is praised in the hinterlands of Chaundas Valley in the Dharchula tehsil of Pithoragarh. This remote valley lies between the enormous Kali and Dhauli waterways. The remarkable Kandali celebration goes on for a week and is praised with most extreme exhilaration by the Shauka or the Rung people group to cheer the thrashing of Zorawar Singh's armed force which assaulted Ladakh in 1841. This favorable celebration starts with the puja of a Shiva linga, made out of grain and buckwheat flour blend. Local people adorn the yard of their homes and delight in celebration.