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Rishikesh - Cultural Tour in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Culture

Rishikesh has a very tourist friendly Culture, because the main source of income to the most of the people is tourism. Everyday thousands of tourist visit Rishikesh. Some areas are full of foreign tourist every time. So many people from outside India stay in Rishikesh for long period to learn yoga and meditation. People of Rishikesh are very friendly.

Rishikesh has Culture very similar to the other towns in india. Most of the people believe in arrange marriage. Major festivals in Rishikesh are Diwali and Holi. During may june this area is full of india people as the children has holidays in these months. Foreign tourist mostly come in October, November, December, January, February and March.

Hindi and Garhwali language is widely spoken here. Many world famous spiritual ashramsare here. If you are tired of fast life and you want to spend few days of life in peaceful atmosphere this is one of the best places in whole world. Rishikesh has something for every kind of person. Weather you are interested in spirituality, yoga, meditation, music even for adventure Rishikesh can serve you better.

Most of the people eat Indian food here. Non Vegetarian food is totally prohibited in whole city by government because this is a holy town. Other popular foods are Chinese and continental. However some places have wide range to serve most of the foreign tourist well.