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Punragiri Fair - Tanakpur, Uttarakhand - Tanakpur Punragiri Mela

Purnagiri is situated on the highest point of a slope and is 20 kms from Tanakpur. Purnagiri It is situated on the correct bank of the stream kali. Otherwise called Punyagiri (which means the heap of good deeds), the Purnagiri sanctuary is visited by a great many enthusiasts consistently. The sanctuary reasonable is sorted out between the long periods of Poush and Chaitra (March) amid which the whole valley of Punyagiri resonates with the sound of serenades, psalms and reverential tunes.

The most astounding thing about this reasonable is that it begins from Vishuwat Sanskranti and proceeds for around forty days (beginning from the winter Navratras). Legend has it this is where Ma Sati, a human manifestation of Goddess Durga, immolated herself when her dad offended her and her better half Lord Shiva. The sanctuary is situated close to the banks of River Kali.

Numerous individuals crowd the sanctuary at Purnagiri, or, in other words the highest point of a mountain on the correct bank of the stream Kali close Tanakpur, in the area of Champawat. The sanctuary is exceptionally swarmed amid the Navaratris of Paush and Chaitra. Consistently a reasonable is hung on Vishuwat Sankranti and this pulls in an expansive number of travelers. After the Holi celebration, the longest reasonable of Kumaon (for around 40 days) begins at Purnagiri. A large number of individuals visit the hallowed place now a days.

Discussing merriments savored Uttarakhand, there is one much discussed Mela, Purnagiri. The occasion is sorted out by the sanctuary of Shri Purnagiri which is settled on the Annapurna Peak at a rise of 1676 m over the ocean level.

The zone where the sanctuary is settled presently is accepted to be where the piece of the navel of Sati and Savant Prajapati was chopped around the Vishnu Chakra. It's an euphoria to appreciate the Mela with the glimmering perspective of the extents. Additionally, the Mela happens amid the promising and venerated celebration time of Hindus, Navratri. Tunya is arranged 17 km far from the sanctuary though Tanakpur is found 20 km away settled on the correct bank of the Kali River of Champawat District of Kumaon Region. The worshipped sanctuary is one of the 108 Siddha Peethas and thus pioneers in plenitude run around amid the celebration of Navratri to look for gifts from the god.