devidhura bagwal mela of uttarakhand
uttarakhand champawat bagwal mela 2018

Devidhura Bagwal Mela - Bagwal Fair

Devidhura in Champawat is prevalently known for the Bagwal reasonable hung on the event of Raksha Bandhan. The stones are pelted between by one gathering on other who shield themselves.

At separation of 45 kms from Lohaghat in the Champawat region of Uttarakhand, Devidhura is well known for its Barahi sanctuaries. An extremely unordinary reasonable, which pulls in individuals from Kumaon, Nepal and even different spots, is held each year at the sanctuary of Barahi Devi on Raksha Bandhan day. Amid this celebration, known as Bagwal, two gatherings of moving and singing individuals toss stones at one another, while they attempt to ensure themselves with the assistance of huge wooden shields.

The members couldn't care less about the wounds and the wounds are accepted to be favorable. It is additionally a value seeing reality that there had been no death toll till today amid this uncommon reasonable.

The specialists said that individuals participating in the Devidhura reasonable will be given products of the soil to play Bagwal. "Organization and Samiti will guarantee no stone-pelting takes amid Bagwal. Blooms and organic products will be given by the reasonable council to play Bagwal so lovers could play it with no wounds.

We are expecting in excess of 50,000 individuals' social occasion to offer supplication in sanctuary and watch headliner Bagwal," said Dhirendra Gunjayal, the administrator of police of Chamawat.