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Haridwar Rishikesh Village Tour - Hamlet Trip in Haridwar Rishikesh Tourism

As Mahatma Gandhi said "The soul of India lives in its villages," villages are best places to know the real India. As of 2011 census of India, Almost 69% of Indians (833 million) live in 640,000 different villages. Life in Indian villages is very different and interesting compare to the cities. Village tours are best for tourist interested in culture of India. Agriculture is major source of income for villages in India. Haridwar Tourism covers different villages like Dadpur, Laldhang, Kankhal, Jagjeetpur, Sitapur, etc. Moreover, Villages tour for Rishikesh Tourism Covers Birpur Khurd, Bishan Garh, Chak Jogi Wala, Chauki, etc.

Village Tour Package

In our hamlet tour you can meet villagers and experience their day to day life. You can know their daily activities, beliefs, customs and problems. You can experience farming or some other traditional works if you like. You will also get a chance to have traditional Indian lunch at local villager's house. If you are thinking about hygiene don't worry we will take care about that. Food will be basic vegetarian but hygienic (Mineral water will be provided).

Type of Tour Package

Full day private tour from Haridwar as well as Rishikesh with English speaking guide.

Cost of Tour Package

01 Pax = 50 US $ single person
02-04 Person = 35 US $ per person

Time of Tour Package

This tour is operated daily. Tour needs 04 to 05 hours.

Tour Package Includes

English speaking guide, Ac Car for village transfer.

Village Tour Does Not Includes

Other additional chargeable activities are meeting with an astrologer, yoga, spa or meditation.

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