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Tehri Gharwal is beautiful place of Uttarakhand state in India.It is the managerial seat of Tehri Garhwal District. The old town of Tehri sat at the meeting of the Bhagirathi and Bhilangna rivers.

Tehri city is an ancient place and it is one of the most sacred cities in India. The diverse nature of the Hindu religion has attracted foreign visitors from all around the world. Travellers always charm to Tehri Gharwal.

Tehri Gharwal 75.8 kms from Rishikesh and 94.3 kms from Haridwar and 316.7 kms from Delhi and 42km from mussoorie.

In Tehri Gharwal the most visited places that are actively maintained are Devi Kunjapuri Temple, Chandrabadani Devi,Shri Adinath Digambar Jain Mandir, Mahasar Taal, Sehstra Taal, and Khatling Glacier.

Tehri might have been the money of the princely state for Tehri Garhwal (Garhwal Kingdom) Previously, british India, found on the intercection about waterways Bhagirathi Furthermore Bhilangana, Furthermore secured a territory about 4,180 square miles (10,800 km2) preceding the british standard. Throughout this period, ruler about Tehri Garhwal provided for away and only as much kingdom with express as much gratitude towards the british for ridding as much kingdom of consistent strike by those Gurkha raiders. Consequently, A large portion of the Tehri Gharwal state might have been provided for far Concerning illustration "Garhwal" ( including Pauri Garhwal, Furthermore today's Chamoli What's more Rudraprayag locale ). Those locale originated should a chance to be known as british Garhwal until freedom. Those Bhagirathi waterway gap those locale under two halves, and the Bhilangna, Alaknanda, Ganga Also Yamuna streams fringe it on the east Also west. The development of those Tehri dam in the late times need submerged the old Tehri town, and the whole populace of the moved town need been moved with new Tehri - the introduce locale headquarter of Tehri locale.

Tehri is best referred to the Tehri lake emerging because of the dam, What's more measuring 260 meters deep, for those possibility to prepare 2400 MW about power. Tourism holds extraordinary possibility to this range Similarly as this tumbles inside the "Yatra route" to those Gangorti Dham.

Tehri found over Garhwal locale is a standout amongst those biggest locale for Uttarakhand State, limitless spread Greenery is a standout amongst those advising characteristic from claiming Tehari locale. Those top of cloudy Himalaya’s, limitless yard included Its excellence of the site. Tehri’s managerial Headquarter may be In new Tehri. As stated by those Statistics of 2001 the Tehri Gharwal need populace of roughly 604,747. General 20% number expansion expressed over consistently.

Tehri is divided in several small areas such as Chamba, Nag Tibba, Narendra Nagar, Sem Mukhem, Tehri dam and New Tehri.

Tehri History

History of Tehri Garhwal locale preceding those foundation from claiming Panwar tradition may be not thick, as clear. Kanak buddy might have been the main ruler of the area. It will be said that those Sovereign Kanak buddy who hailed starting with Malwa visited Badrinath (presently On Chamoli district) the place he met those after that mightiest lord Bhanu Pratap. Above all else Bhanu Pratap might have been inspired for those ruler and got as much best little girl hitched should him and also gave through as much kingdom. Bit by bit raja Kanak buddy What's more as much descendents stretched out their domain Eventually Tom's perusing winning every last one of fortresses from claiming Garhwal area. Accordingly dependent upon 1803 that is to around 915 a considerable length of time those entire from claiming Garhwal locale stayed under their control. Therefore, On 1803, they once more attacked Tehri Garhwal locale when above all else Pradyumna shah might have been those ruler. Ruler Pradyumna shah might have been executed in the fight On Dehradun yet all the as much best child (King Sudarshan shah might have been minor toward that time) might have been shrewdly spared by those trusted courtiers. With those triumph from claiming Gorkhas in this fight their domain might have been made in Garhwal district. Later on their kingdom enlarged dependent upon Kangra Also they governed over this locale ceaselessly for 12 a considerable length of time preceding they were discarded starting with Kangra Eventually Tom's perusing maharaja Ranjit Singh. On the great holders kept all Sudarshan shah Might wrist bindings help starting with east india organization and got as much kingdom liberated from Gorkha leaders.

Tehri Legends : Ruler Sudarshan shah created as much capital toward Tehri town and subsequently as much successors Pratap Shah, Kirti shah Also Narendra shah built their money during Pratap Nagar, Kirtinagar and Narendra Nagar individually. Their tradition ruled again this area from 1815 with 1949. Throughout those stop india development individuals about this area actively took an interest in the opportunity battle of the nation. After those freedom of the nation on 1947, those occupants about Tehri Riyasat began their development for getting themselves liberated starting with those grasps for maharaja. Because of those development the circumstances got out about as much control What's more might have been was troublesome to him to standard again the area. Hence those 60th ruler from Pawar Vansh Manvendra shah acknowledged the sway for indian administration. Accordingly in 1949 Tehri Gharwal Riyasat might have been consolidated to uttar pradesh Also might have been provided for those status of a new region.

Tehri Attractions

Teri-Dam-In-Tehri-Gharwal : Those Tehri dam will be those most elevated dam over india Also a standout amongst those most astounding in the universe. It will be An multi-purpose rock Also earth-fill bank dam on the Bhagirathi waterway close to Tehri On Uttarakhand, india. It will be the essential dam of the THDC india Ltd. And the Tehri hydroelectric perplexing. Stage 1 might have been finished done 2006, thoseTehri dam withholds An supply for irrigation, metropolitan water supply and the era from claiming 1,000 megawatts (1,300,000 hp) about hydroelectricity. The Tehri dam 1,000 MW pumped-storage plan will be right now under development with anticipated appointing done might 2018.

Tehri Lake : Tehri lake becomes the most beautiful sight seen and a water adventure sports hub for travellers who love adventure and travelling in nature. Tehri lake done new Tehri is a maturing experience end in Uttarakhand for the begin for experience Sports Previously, Tehri lake. Uttarakhand administration need been Sorting out Tehri lake experience celebration since A year ago. To experience junkies Tehri lake offers a number from claiming enterprise sports offices like Parasailing, plane Skiing, Paragliding, Canoeing, Boating, Rafting and huge numbers different sports. Set amidst the delightful Gharwal Himalayas, Tehri lake ha turned into an new experience end of the state.

Chamba : Chamba is beautiful place which is 18 km away from Tehri Garhwal, Chamba may be a standout amongst those real visitor attractions Around travellers. Separated from putting forth the surrounding perspectives for Himalayas, it additionally gives an stunning perspective of the blessed waterway Bhagirathi. Roosted In those stature for approx 1676m over the ocean level, Chamba may be a spot to unwind same time limited Eventually Tom's perusing pines Furthermore deodars know around.

Sem Mukhem Temple : Sem Mukhem sanctuary may be a standout amongst those principle attractions from claiming Tehri-Garhwal. Sem Mukhem Temple, dedicated to nag raja, lies during at height of 2903 m over ocean level In a separation for 7 km starting with Khamba Khal for Tehri-Garhwal. Sem Mukhem sanctuary will be regularly An end to visitors looking into Khamba Khal - Sem trek course.


Adventure-Sports-In-Tehri : Adveture sports in Tehri attracts tourist from local and overseas.There are various exciting Tehri Adveture Activities Banana Boat Ride,Motor Boat Ride, Jet Speed Boat Ride, Zorbing, Hot Dog Ride, Bandwagon Ride and Paragliding. tehri is a best place to do adventure sports.

Shopping in Tehri : Tehri Garhwal may be home should various road vendors and neighborhood business sectors with a lot of alternative should shop. Despite won't Figure At whatever specific trinket with take back home, yet the spot may be stacked for garbage jewelry, warm attire What's more handicrafts. There are several shops where they sale different stones, rudraksh, idols and many other things.

Places To Eat In Tehri : Tehri is well known destination for Indian as well as unknown , so Tehri has lots of varieties in food. In Tehri traditional Indian cuisine, Italian, Maxican, Chinese, American food is available. North Indian and South Indian food is widely used. there are lots of diversity of food in Tehri.


Chandrabadni Fair : Chandrabadni Fair has a fabulous story behind it. The story revolves around Gautam Rishi, his wife Ahilya and Lord Indra. Chandrabadni temple is 10km from Tehri Gharwal.

Surkhanda Devi Fair : Surkhanda devi reasonable is held toward Surkhanda devi sanctuary held once Dussehra festival day. The place may be spotted at a separation of 11 km from Tehri District kanatal. Committed will Goddess Durga, this sanctuary may be An unmistakable pilgrimage focal point. The sanctuary could a chance to be arrived at Toward trekking. The fundamental fascination about this reasonable will be worshipping Goddess durga. Separated from this, society music, move Also customary handicrafts are also looking into show.

Kunjapuri Fair : Each year, in the month about october Throughout the Navratras, Kunjapuri reasonable may be held Previously, Narendra Nagar. More than fifty thousand individuals gather here should partake clinched alongside Different exercises.

How To Reach Tehri

Tehri by Air : Jolly Grant, Dehradun (93 km) is the nearest airport.
Nearest Airport : Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (36.812).
Tehri by bus
Tehri by Railway

Best Season / Best Time To visit Tehri Gharwal

Tehri Gharwalarea remains medium in New Tehri and is suitable to visit throughout the year. Summers in Tehri remain light and the temperature does not rise above 20°C. Winters are cold here with the minimum temperature of -10°C without creating hurdle for travelling.