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Pithoragarh Hilljatra Festival of Uttarakhand - Uttarakhand Hilljatra Festival 2019

Hilljatra is among the conventional celebrations celebrated in the territory of Uttarakhand, particularly in Pithoragarh locale of Kumaon Region. The celebration is praised chiefly by the general population related with cultivating in the state. The starting point of this celebration is accepted to be from the Sorar Region of West Nepal to the Sor Valley and was at first presented in Kumaour town. Afterward, it was likewise seen by the general population of Bajethi and different towns of Pithoragarh locale.

Alongside that, Kanalichhina and Askot districts additionally acknowledged the celebration as 'Hiran Chital' with a few adjustments. Amid the celebration, a white-dressed deer is venerated as a territorial god. The party happens in three stage, and in the main stage forfeit of goat is made with every one of the ceremonies, though in the second stage, shows are performed for open and in the third and last stage, tunes are sung and move is performed.

This celebration in Uttarakhand is commended in the recognition of Champawat Rulers as it is associated with their triumph. Be that as it may, the real association of the celebration is with the manor of paddy alongside horticultural and peaceful workers of the blustery season. Another conviction behind this celebration is that Chand Dynasty King Kuru once went to Sorar to take an interest in Hilljatra Festival and relinquished a bison with horns covering the neck. This fulfilled the general population and they chose to give the King with endowments. The King Kuru at that point chose to present the celebration in Sor Valley and requested four covers; Halwaha, two bullocks, one execute – the Nepali furrow, and Lakhiabhoot as a blessing. Along these lines, the celebration of Hilljatra was presented in the province of Uttarakhand.

The Hilljatra, which is being praised in a few sections of Pithoragarh locale, is basically the celebration of pastoralists and agriculturalists. In the formative procedure, the aathon (eighth day of bhado) and Gawra Visarjan additionally turned into the piece of Hilljatra. The celebration, which fundamentally went to the Sor valley from the Sorar (Mahakali) locale of West Nepal, was first presented in Kumaour town. The Jatra was likewise acknowledged by the general population of Bajethi, another town close Pithoragarh town and with a few changes it was presented in Kanalichhina and Askot locales as Hiran Chital.