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guru ram rai sahib jhanda mela dehradun

Jhanda Mela 2019 Dehradun, Uttarakhand - Uttarakhand Jhanda Fair 2019

Jhanda Fair or Jhande ka Mela is one the biggest fairs in Northern India which pulls in a great many lovers and sightseers who travel to Dehradun to look for endowments from The Almighty.

It is commended as the birthday of Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji, the oldest child of the seventh Guru of the Sikhs - Sri Har Rai Ji. A gigantic banner (Jhanda Ji) is lifted in this reasonable for remember his landing in Doon valley on this very day in 1733. The Jhanda Fair is commended on the fifth day of Chaitra which is additionally the fifth day after the Holi.

Thousands of fans from the neighboring conditions of Punjab, UP, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana land in Dehradun few days before the banner lifting service at Jhanda reasonable. On the eve of Ekadashi, every one of the fans (known as Sangat) are invited by the Shri Mahanta of Guru Ram Rai Durbar goes to the Yamuna stream banks at Raianwala in Haryana, 45 kms from Dehradun to welcome and welcome the Sangat.

For the banner raising function, a 27-meter long sal tree is brought from the close-by woodland in Dundhali. It is then showered with drain and curd and heavenly waters from stream Ganges and enclosed by a muslin fabric. Scarves are fixing to the banner shaft by the fans to have their desires satisfied.

Guru Ram Rai Ji was the oldest child of loved seventh Guru of the Sikhs - Sri Har Rai Ji. At the point when Ram Rai Ji performed supernatural occurrences in the court of Aurangzeb, Har Rai Ji removed him from Punjab in 1699. Smash Rai Ji at that point ventured out to the Doon valley in present-day Uttarakhand and set up his settlement which is known as 'Dera'. In this way the city got its name as 'Dehradun' from that point on. Guru Ram Rai Ji fabricated a gurudwara in the city which is known as Darbar Sahib. The Jhanda reasonable is sorted out each year to pay veneration to Guruji.