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Harela Festival - Harela Bhitauli Festival 2019

Harela Festival held in the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand, Harela falls thrice in a year denoting the beginning of another season. This Kumaoni Hindu people celebration is commended amid both the Navratris, Chaitra Navratri in the long stretch of Chaitra (March/April), Sharad Navratri in the period of Ashwin (September/October), and in Shravan (late July). This celebration is trailed by Bhitauli which is the event of offering cash to the young ladies in the family. It is fundamentally the horticulturally based networks in the district that compensation a considerable measure of respect to this event.

On the principal day of this 9 days celebration (the two Navratris), ladies sow 7 sorts of grains in the dirt, which is emblematic to future collect. The yellow leaves that are there in the plant amid germination are called as Harela. These Harela are cut on the tenth day and individuals put them behind their ears or on their head.

About Harela festival

Harela, which is praised in the Shravan month points the appearance of the blustery season and it additionally honors the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati. On this day, individuals make little Dikars (little symbols of divine beings and goddess made of mud) of Gauri, Maheshwar, Ganesha, to venerate them. The bullocks are likewise given lay on this day and the Harela is sent to loved ones. The celebration is noteworthy on the grounds that it gives a chance to the cultivator to test the nature of seeds that he has in his stores.

On the primary day of the navaratris (multi day blessed period) of the long stretch of Chaitra ladies fill containers with soil and sow seven sorts of grains in them. The grains develop symbolizing the future gather. These yellow leaves, called Harela, are cut on the tenth day and individuals put them on their heads and behind their ears. Amid the long stretch of Chaitra (March-April) siblings send presents to their sisters. These presents are called Bhitauli.

Harela is exceptionally a Kumaoni celebration to check the appearance of the blustery season. The festival falls on the principal day of Shravan. Ten days before the due date, seeds of either five or seven sorts of grains are combined and sown in pots inside the room, utilizing little bushels loaded up with earth. The sowing is done either by the leader of the family or the family minister. It is done ceremoniously. Water is sprinkled after love. On the most recent day of the period of Aasarh, one day before the real festival of the celebration, a sort of taunt weeding is finished with little wooden scrapers. Joyously painted pictures of Shiva and Parvati and their off springs are readied and revered on the Shankranti day. Green shoots Harela are set on the head equip.

The centrality of Harela lies in the way that it gives a chance to the cultivator to test the characteristics or imperfections of the seeds he has in his store. Another criticalness is that the celebration is the event to give taken financial stipends; take cash to the young ladies of the family.