Janki Setu Rishikesh
Janki Setu View
Janki Setu Entrance from Muni Ki Reti
Janki Setu View From Swargashram Rishikesh
Janki Setu Entrance from Swargashram

Janki Setu - Janki Setu in Rishikesh - Janaki Setu Bridge Rishikesh

Janaki Setu has been launched by Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. This has given Rishikesh a lot. It will connect the boundaries of Tehri and Pauri districts of the state. Its work started in March 2013 and now it has opened to the public. It was waiting for its opening for a long time. This bridge is built on the Ganges River and has a length of 274 meters. Tourism is expected to increase with its formation. It is quite beautiful and it is believed that it will entice tourists. In the erstwhile Congress government, Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna laid the foundation stone of this bridge. The construction of this bridge will also have a positive impact on the trade in both Tehri and Pauri districts. Those who drive two-wheelers will get relief from this. This bridge has been built under the state plan. Rishikesh already has Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula. Despite this, another bridge was being sought for a long time. This bridge also became a victim of politics and its work was stopped in the middle. After becoming the Chief Minister, Trivendra Singh Rawat had assured that its work would be completed as soon as possible.

Janaki Bridge will be the first three-lane bridge in Uttarakhand

The Janaki Setu under construction in the Ganges between Kailash Gate and Ved Niketan will be the first three lane bridge in Uttarakhand. A foot lane will be built on both sides of this bridge, with one lane coming in and the other going. Whereas, in the middle part there will be space for two-wheelers and carts. However, this bridge is being built with load capacity suitable for four-wheelers. Despite this, the vehicles will be able to travel on the bridge only under special conditions. Mo Arif Khan, Executive Engineer, PWD, said that the three-lane dividers on the bridge can be separated under special circumstances and opened for four-wheelers.

Mo. Arif Khan (Executive Engineer, PWD, Narendranagar, Tehri) says that 83 percent work of Janaki Setu has been completed. Now only towing is to be done on this, which will take about one and a half months. After this, a 274 meter long DAC will be laid, which is ready. It is expected that the bridge will be ready before the deadline.

Three lane Janaki suspension bridge at a glance

- Total length of bridge - 346 m
- Main span of bridge - 274 m.
- Bridge width - 3.90 m
- Approach road from right side - 24 meters
- Approach road from left - 48 m.
- The height of the bridge of the bridge - 30 meters.
- Security lattice height of bridge - 2.10 m
- Three parts of width of bridge - 2 x 1.20 m and 1.50 m
-Accepted year-2013
-Re-approved Approved Year-2018
- Total Cost - 48.85 Crore