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Tehri Gharwal is a beautiful place of Uttarakhand state in India.It is the managerial seat of Tehri Garhwal District. The old town of Tehri sat at the meeting of the Bhagirathi and Bhilangna rivers.

Tehri city is an ancient place and it is one of the most sacred cities in India. The diverse nature of the Hindu religion has attracted foreign visitors from all around the world. Travellers always charm to Tehri Gharwal.

Tehri Gharwal 75.8 kms from Rishikesh and 94.3 kms from Haridwar and 316.7 kms from Delhi and 42km from mussoorie.

Tehri Tourist Attractions Places is given below

Tehri-DamTehri Dam : Tehri Dam is most important thing to see in Tehri Gharwal. Tehri Dam is main Attraction of Tehri Gharwal. The Tehri Dam is highest dam in India and one of the highest in the world. It will be An multi-purpose rock Also earth-fill bank dam on the Bhagirathi waterway close to Tehri On Uttarakhand, india. It will be the essential dam of the THDC india Ltd.

tehri-trekkingTehri Trekking : With incalculable trekking trails and spots in the area blended with streams and waterways and some stunning perspectives, Tehri Garhwal has a tendency to be a significant most loved for trekking.

tehri-river-raftingRiver Rafting in Tehri : Tehri Garhwal is a popular spot for white water rafting. River Rafting is very enjoyble activities in Tehri Gharwal.

chamba in tehriChamba In Tehri : Chamba is beautiful place which is 18 km away from Tehri Garhwal, Chamba may be a standout amongst those real visitor attractions Around travellers. Separated from putting forth the surrounding perspectives for Himalayas, it additionally gives an stunning perspective of the blessed waterway Bhagirathi. Roosted In those stature for approx 1676m over the ocean level, Chamba may be a spot to unwind same time limited Eventually Tom's perusing pines Furthermore deodars know around.

Dhanaulti-tehriDhanaulti-Tehri : Dhanaulti an Icy Heaven . The tinsel town of Dhanaulti is emerging as a popular winter destinatination . Situated on the Mussoorie - Chamba course right around 44 km from Tehri Garhwal, Dhanaulti is a place that is known for concealed fortunes. With not very many voyagers mindful of the level of magnificence, the crude trails are practically untouched.

rock-climbing-tehriRock-Climbing-Tehri : The Old Tehrithat was once intensely possessed, today lies under the water in remains. With incalculable trekking trails and spots in this chilly district, scattered with streams and waterways and probably the most stunning perspectives, Tehri Garhwal has a tendency to be a significant most loved for trekkers and mountain climbers.

sem-mukhem-nagraja-temple-in-tehriSem-Mukhem-Nagraja-Temple-In-Tehri : Sem Mukhem sanctuary devoted to Nag Raja is a standout amongst the most looked for after fascination in the town. Roosted at a height of 2903 m over the ocean level, the sanctuary lays in transit Khamba Khal - Sem trek trail.

devprayag-tehriDevprayag Tehri : Devprayag is a position of heavenly conjunction of two holy streams to be specific Bhagirathi and Alaknanada which in turns shape the most loved waterway in our nation, River Ganga. place 64 km from Tehri Garhwal, this place is visited by mane pilgrims throughout the year.

narendernagar-in-tehriNarendernagar-In-Tehri : Situated in the closeness of Tehri Garhwal, Narendranagar is a vacation destination where one can appreciate the delightful sights of River Ganga and Doon valley. Located 16 kms from Rishikesh on Gangotri and Yamunotri course, the place is amusing to visit.

kanatal-in-tehriKanatal-In-Tehri : Once an abandoned land, today Kanatal is a standard frequent for those explorers who look for peace and isolation. Kanatal is said to be named after a lake that once existed there. Apart from peace, the place exhibit the charm of its won in form of majestic hills, fruit trees, apple orchards and lush green forests.

surkandadevi-temple-in-tehriSurkanda-Devi-Temple-In-Tehri :Surkanda Devi Temple is very close Dhanaulti, Sukanda Devi Temple is roosted at an invigorating height of 3030m over the ocean level. The sanctuary is devoted to Goddess Sati and is congenial by a simple trek of around 2 km. The sanctuary draws in huge number of fans consistently.

mussoorie-tehriMussoorie-Tehri : Mussoorie is one of the best hill station in India. Mussoorie city is situated in the region of the northern indian state Uttarakhand. Mussoorie is placed 129.6 km from Tehri Gharwal Furthermore 290 km north from those national capital for new delhi.The pin code for Mussoorie is 248179 . Mussoorie is also known as Queen of the hills becouse of beautiful views.

shopping-in-tehriShopping-In-Tehri : Tehri Garhwal is home to various road sellers and nearby markets with a lot of choice to shop. In spite of the fact that won't locate a specific keepsake to reclaim home, however the place is stacked with garbage adornments, warm garments and painstaking work.

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