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Haridwar History

Haridwar is city in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand state in India. Haridwar is place where the river Ganges enters in plain areas north India after flowing 250 kms from its origin Gaumukh (Gangotri Glacier).

Haridwar is the place where people from across the India visit for pilgrimage and to take a holy dip into the holy river Ganges. Haridwar is an ancient city & it is one of the most sacred cities in India. The diverse nature of the Hindu religion has attracted foreign visitors from all around the world. Foreigners always attracted to Haridwar because here they can closely experience India's complex culture, various Hindu rituals and the ancient civilization.

Haridwar 30 kms from Rishikesh & 90 kms from Mussoorie & 220 kms from Delhi

Haridwar is one of the primary areas where river Ganges emerges from the mountains & enters to the plain areas. Lush green forests and crystal clear water of river Ganges & background of mountains create the charming beauty of this holy city. In the evening ghats looks beautiful as hundreds of diyas (lamps) and marigold flowers float and light up the river Ganges. The Rajaji National Park is just 10 kms from Haridwar. Its an ideal destination for wild life and adventure lovers. "Agar apne paap dhone hai to Haridwar mein Gangaji ki dubki lagao" (If you want to purify yourselves take a holy dip in the water of river Ganges at Haridwar. All your sins will be purified). This is most common thing which you can hear about Haridwar in all over India.

Haridwar contains two words Hari & Dwar. Hari means god & Dwar means gate. Haridwar means gateway to the god. There are four holy temples Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath & Badrinath on the hills also known as chardham. Haridwar is like a entry point to these chardham. People visit Haridwar before visiting these temples so the town was became famous as Haridwar. Shaivites call it Har Dwar Gateway to Lord Shiva (Kedarnath Temple) & Vaishnavites call it Hari Dwar Gateway to Lord Vishnu (Badrinath Temple) It is also said that Haridwar is blessed by the presence of all three major Gods of Hindus namely Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. Thus, with all these mythological links attached to its name, it's little wonder why Haridwar is often referred to as 'gateway to god'.

Haridwar is an ancient pilgrimage site situated in the foothills of the shivalik range in Garhwal Himalayas. Haridwar is welcomes the river ganga to the plain areas. Haridwar means gurgling of river Ganges, innumerable temples, groups of monks in saffron clothes, enchanting sounds of vedic hymns & the divine holiness.

Apart from religious importance Haridwar is also a centre for learning different arts & culture. Haridwar is well known as great source of Ayurvedic medicines & herbal remedies. Haridwar is now home to unique Indian tradition of teaching “Gurukula.” Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalay is providing unique teaching in Gurukul system since 1902.

Haridwar is always place of interest for the researchers because it is one of the oldest living cities in India. Haridwar has numerous temples with interesting legacies. Maa Ganga after carrying the purity of heaven from the kamandal of Lord Brahma, washing the feet of Lord Vishnu and flowing through the sahastrara of Lord Shiva came on this earth and made Haridwar as it’s divine flow area. From time immemorial, Maa Ganga has been doing the duty of absorbing the heat and negativities of this earth. Besides and , It is Gateway for the four dhams of Himalayas viz. Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.

Haridwar is divided in several small areas such as Mayapur, Ranipur, Jwalapur, Har Ki Pauri, Motichur, Devpura, Bhupatwala, Haipur Kalan, Shivalik Nagar, & Brhampuri. Haridwar is also one of the four places where Kumbh Mela occurs after rotation of every twelve Years and Ardh Kumbh after every six years. It is said that drops of Amrit (Elixir) fell in to the Brahmkund of Har-Ki-Pauri, therefore considered that a dip in the Brahmakund.

Haridwar History:

It has been proved by archaeological findings that terracotta culture had an existence in Haridwar during 1700 B.C. & 1800 B.C. Haridwar has been in people's mind from the period of Buddha to the British arrival & still in the 21st century. Haridwar was ruled by Maurya Empire from 322 BCE to 185 BCE and later it came under the rule of Kushan Empire according to historical evidences. Well-known Chinese traveler Huan Tsang visited India in 629 AD. He has mentioned Haridwar in his travel journal. At that time Haridwar was part of the kingdom of the King Harshvardhan (590 to 647). The city was also invaded by Timur Lang (1336–1405), a Turkish King on January 13, 1399. First Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak (1469–1539) bathed at ‘Kushwan Ghat’ on Baisakhi Day. Later in the 16th century Haridwar came under reign of Mughals and emperors like Akbar and Jehangir stamped their dominated here. According to Ain-e-Akbari Mughal Emperor, Akbar drank water from the Ganges river collected from Haridwar, which he called ‘the water of immortality’.

Thomas Coryat, an English traveler visited Haridwar during the reign of Jehangir. In 18th centaury Haridwar was a port city & it was widely used by ships of East India Company. One of the two major dams on the river Ganges is the Bhimgoda Dam. It is situated in Haridwar. Dam was opened in 1854. Haridwar Municipality' was constituted in 1868 including Kankhal & Mayapur. Haridwar was connected with railways by Laksar Railway Station in 1886. In 1901, Haridwar has population of 25,597 & Haridwar was a part of the Roorkee tehsil, in Saharanpur district of the United Province. Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya was established in 1902. In 1946 Haridwar was merged in Uttar Pradesh State.

Haridwar Legends: Haridwar is mentioned in various ancient Indian scriptures (Purans, Upanishads & Mahabharata) as a Mayapur, Kapilsthan, Mokshdwar or Gangadwar. In Mahabharata great sage Dhaumya mentioned Haridwar (Gangadwar) as a major pilgrimage town to Yudhisthira.

The legendary King Bhagirath, great grandson of the King Sagar of Suryavanshi clan (an ancestor of Lord Rama), is said that he brought the river Ganga down from heaven, through his long penance of many years, for the salvation of the souls of his 60,000 ancestors from the curse of the sage Kapila. The penance was answered & the river Ganges trickled out from Lord Shiva's locks and its ample holy waters rejuvenated the 60,000 sons of King Sagara. Sage Kapila lived here in his ashram so this place was also known as Kapilsthan. The tradition which was established by King Bhagirath is now followed by thousands of Hindu devotees, who bring the ashes of their departed family members, in hope of their salvation by the water of river Ganges.

Pandits (Priests) of the Haridwar have been known to keep genealogy records of most of the Hindu population. Known as vahis, these records are updated on each visit to the city, and are a repository of vast family trees of family in North India.

It is believed that nectar (Amrit) which was one of the fourteen valuable ornaments that came out from the sea churning (Samundra Manthan) was sprinkled at 12 places in the entire universe. Out of that 12 places 08 places are in heaven & only 04 places on earth. Har-Ki-Pauri in Haridwar was one of the four places where Amrit was sprinkled on earthr. As a result, every 12 years Khumbh Mela comes to Haridwar & draws more than half a million pilgrims. The Ardha Kumbha Mela comes once in every six years.

It is also said that Haridwar has been blessed by the attendance of all three major Gods; Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh. Lord Vishnu is said to have left his footprint on the stone that is set in the upper wall of Har-Ki-Pauri, where the Holy Ganges touches it. It is believed to have been the place where Sati (Lord Shiva’s first wife) consigned herself in the Yagna (sacrificial fire). The terrible Tandava Nrutya (dance of destruction) performed by Lord Shiva in sorrow led to Lord Vishnu dismembering Sati’s body, with the different parts scattering across India. Pilgrims believe that they can go to heaven by getting their salvation after a holy dip in the river Ganges at Haridwar.

Haridwar Travel Guide:

Haridwar can be visited through out the year. Shoes are not allowed in all temples. Haridwar city is spread over 12.3 sq kms. Its Altitude is 315 meter from sea level. Literacy rate in Haridwar is 73.43 percent. According to census in 2011 population of Haridwar district was 18,90,422 in which Haridwar city has 1,75,010. Haridwar district sex ratio is 880 female per 1000 male. Hindi, Garhwali & English are the major languages in Haridwar. Non vegetarian food & alcohol is strictly not allowed in Haridwar. Auto rickshaw (Vikrams or three wheelers) are best option for visit in side in city. You can also use it on sharing basis. Cotton cloths in summer & woolen cloths in winter are best options for clothing. Avoid short cloths (such as swim suites, mini skirts) because this is holy town. Shoes are strictly not allowed in any temple, holy place or even in the river Ganges. Photography inside the temple or ashram is not allowed at many places. Haridwar is 230 km from Delhi & 25 km from Rishikesh & 110 km from Mussoorie & 55 Km from Dehradun & 110 km from Devprayag.

Haridwar Attractions:

Hari Ki Pauri:

Hari ki Pauri is one of the most sacred bathing ghat in India. Har Ki Pauri is 02 kms far from the Haridwar Railway Station. Har means God & Pauri means foot prints. Har Ki Pauri means footprints of God. It is believed that Lord Vishnu came here in ancient time & also there is a stone where his footprints are still there on the stone wall. Har Ki Pauri is also main place for holy bath during the Kumbh Mela. Hindu people believe that if you take a holy dip (bath) here river Ganges will wash all you sins. Everyday there is ceremony called Ganga Aarti is organized here. Ceremony is dedicated to River Ganga which is constantly providing life in the form of her water to people. Ganga Aarti is widely visited by thousands of people everyday (Mostly in evening).

Mansa Devi Temple:

Mansa Devi Temple is dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi. Goddess is also known as Maa Mansa Devi. It is believed that Mansa Devi was emerged from the mind of great Sage Kashyapa. Mansa means wish & the goddess fulfills the wishes so the Goddess is known as Mansa Devi. The temple is situated at bilva Parvat (Mountain). Rope way (Cable car) is also available here. The pilgrims can reach the temple by 03 ways. 1. By normal trek (1.5km one way) 2. By steps (480 steps approx) 3. By cable car (ropeway) (5 Minutes ride).

Chandi Devi Temple:

Chandi Devi temple is dedicated to goddess Chandi Devi. Chadi Devi Temple is located at the height of 208 meters at Neel Parvat & it is 4 kms far from the Haridwar Railway Station. It is believed that here Goddess Parvati (Wife of lord Shiva) had killed demon Chand & Mund in ancient times. So the Goddess is known as Chandi Devi. Chandi Devi Temple is also one of the siddh peeths in haridwar along with Mansa Devi & Maya Devi Temple. Temple can be reached by two ways. 1. By trek (03 km one way) 2. By Cable Car (ropeway) (10 Minutes ride). There is also Anjani Temple which is 500 meter far from here & can be reached by trek.

Genealogy Registers:

Genealogy Registers is also known as family tree registers. This is Indian tradition maintained by only a few Brahmin Pundits (priests) in Haridwar. Being holy region Haridwar is visited by millions of people every year. Many of them have family priest here who maintain their family details in “Vahi.” These priests are found near Har Ki Pauri area.

Jain Temple:

Jain Temple in new attraction in Haridwar. The temple was built in 1990s & it is chief attraction for Jain religion. This temple is situated on the Rishikesh Highway of Haridwar. The temple complex has been built in amazing Jain architectural manner with Jaisalmer stone. Temple is dedicated to Shri Chintamani Parshwnath Bhagwan. There is also idol of Shri Aadinath Bhagwan.

Shantikunj Ashram:

Shantikunj Ashram is one of the biggest & most popular ashrams in Haridwar. Shantikunj is also known as Gayatri Parivar world wide. Ashram has hundreds of rooms for devotees. Shantikunj Ashram is always busy in various social & spiritual activities during a day. Worth to visit if you want to learn about Ashrams.

Gurukula Kangri University:

Also known as Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya. This university is located 07 kms far from Haridwar Railway Station. University has very good archeological museum. Museum is mainly focused on history, culture & archeology. Gurukul Kangri University was founded in 1902. University is widely known for its traditional Indian teaching (Gurukula System).

Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar(Bird santuary):

Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar is heaven for bird lovers; Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar is located four kms far from Hardwar near Bhimgoda Tank. Siberian cranes and some other migratory birds visit here in winter season.

Daksheswara Mahadev Temple:

Daksheswara Mahadev Temple is dedicated to lord Shiva (Mahadev). It is also known as Daksha temple or Daksha Mandir. King Daksha was father of Mata Sati (First wife of Lord Shiva). This temple is situated in town named Kankhal which is 04 kms far from Haridwar Railway Station. The temple is one of the most famous & ancient temples in Haridwar. Millions of pilgrims come here at Maha Shivaratri festival.

Maya Devi Temple:

Maya Devi temple is one of the most famous temple in Haridwar. In ancient time Haridwar was also known as Mayapuri because Maya Devi is the Adhisthatri devi (Ishta Devi) of Haridwar. It is also one of the shakti peeths in Haridwar. You can enjoy the evening temple ceremony (temple Arti) in temple. It temple is situated in central area of Haridwar.

Bilkeshwar Mahadev Mandir:

Bilkeshwar Temple is dedicated to lord Shiva & his wife Goddess Parwati. It temple is situated at Bilva parvat near bilkeswar colony Haridwar. Mythology is described (Skanda purana). Ancient Gauri kund (Bathing place of Goddess Parwati) is located 500 meters far from the Bilkeshwar temple. Bilkeshwar Mahadev Mandir is 02 kms far from Haridwar Bus stand.

Bharat Mata Mandir:

Bharat Mata Mandir is dedicated to India. Here India is imagined as a mother (Bharat mata). Bharat Mata Mandir or Mother India Temple is situated near Sapt Rishi Ashram around 04 kms far from Haridwar. The complex has 08 floors. Each floor has idols of various gods, goddesses, kings, leaders & revolutionists. It was inaugurated in 1983 by the late India Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi.

Sapt Rishi Ashram & Sapt Sarover:

Sapt Rishi Ashram is located 04 kms far from Haridwar. According to mythology seven great sages meditated here. River Ganges has divided herself in seven parts due to disturbance to the sages. Seven sages were Kashyapa, Vashistha, Gautam, Jamadagni, Vishwamitra, Bhardwaja & Atri. Sapt Rishi Ashram was founded in 1943.

Sureshvari Devi Temple:

Sureshvari Devi Temple (Sureshwari) is very old temple in Haridwar. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga (Shakti). This temple is inside Rajaji National Park & located in serene atmosphere out side Haridwar. Temple is visited by devotees as well as nature lovers. Permission is required of forest officers for visiting the temple.

Hari Har Temple (Parad Shivling):

Parad Shivling is part of Hari Har temple. This temple is dedicated to God Shiva. Parad Shivling was made from mercury. Mercury Shivling has weight of 150kgs. Rudraksha tree & Maha Mrityunjaya Temple are also other interesting places inside Hari har Temple complex. The temple is also known Parad shivlinga Temple & Mrityunjaya Mandir. The temple is situated in kankhal area & it is 03 kms far from the Haridwar railway station.

Doodhadhari Barfani Temple:

Doodhadhari Barfani Temple was built by using white marble. Doodhadhari Barfani Mandir is part of Doodhadhari Barfani Baba Ashram. Doodhadhari Temple is located 06 kms far from Haridwar Railway Station. The temple is one of the most beautiful temple in Haridwar. There are two main temples are there inside complex, Temple of Lord Ram & his wife Sita & Temple of lord Hanuman.

Anandamayi Maa Ashram:

Anandamayi Ma Ashram is also known as Maa Ananda Mayi Ashram. This ashram is located in Kankhal area and it is 05 kms far from Haridwar Railway Station. Ashram is dedicated to Sri Ananda Mayi Maa, well known spiritual leader.

Pawan Dham Temple:

Pawan Dham temple is situated Just 02 km from Hari Ki Pauri & 04 km from Haridwar railway station. This is new attraction in Haridwar. You can see most beautiful work of glass & mirrors inside the temple.

Bhimgoda Tank:

Bhimgoda tank is situated 4 kms far from Haridwar Railway Station. According to mythology this tank was created by Bhim (Ancient Character) Bhimgoda Tank is just 1 kms far from famous Har Ki Pauri.

Patanjali Yogpeeth:

Patanjali Yogpeeth is famous ashram & Yoga institute. Under the flagship of Baba Ramdev Patanjali Yogpeeth is famous for treatment, research & development in Yoga & Ayurveda. Ashram is located 22 kms far from Haridwar Railway Station at Delhi – Haridwar Highway.


Kankhal is small town near Haridwar. Kankhal is 04 kms far from the Haridwar Railway Station. Kanakhal has some important places for tourist such as Daksh Temple & Sati Kund. It is said that in Kankhal was important town of the kingdom of King Daksha Prajapati.

BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited):

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) was built in 1964. It is the first & oldest industrial factory in Haridwar. BHEL is spread 28 sq Km. It is located just 10 km from Haridwar railway station. BHEL’s turnover was 1100 crore (11 Billion) in 1999, which was reach 2658 Crore in 2007-08.

Sidcul Haridwar:

The full name of Siidcul is The State Infrastructure and Industrial Development Corporation of Uttarakhand Limited. Which was permitted by Narayan Dutt Tiwari in 2002. Many different Industrial factories located here. Sidcul is located 10 kms far from Haridwar Railway Station. Bhel is one of biggest companies is Sidcul.

Other places to visit in Haridwar:

Kali Temple, Bhagirath Temple, Gorakhnath Temple, Sriyantra Temple, Ganga Mandir, Pashupatinath Mandir, Swaminarayan temple, Sri Ram Temple, Sri Geeta kutir, Tapovan Temple, 11 Mukhi Hamuman temple, Neeleswar Temple, Vaishno devi Temple, Ayyappa Temple, Bhairava Temple & many more temples.

Things To Do In Haridwar:

Ganga Aarti (Ganges Ceremony):

Ganges ceremony at Har Ki Pauri is famous in whole India. Everyday hundreds of people come here for the Ganges ceremony (Ganga Aarti). During some festival days it is visited by more than million people in a day. River Ganges is worshiped in this ceremony, because river Ganges is providing life in the form of water since hundreds of years to mankind. Sit at the ghat with local people. Listen vedic hymns with divine music & chant them along with thousands of people. Feel the auspicious atmosphere & devotion. Offer earthen diyas with in floral bowl to river. Worth to visit if come in this region.

Yoga in Haridwar:

Yoga is now popular activity all over the world. In Haridwar there are so many ashrams where you can learn & practice yoga. For short stay in Haridwar you can take short classes in morning & evening from good yoga instructors. For long stay you can learn yoga in deep. Yoga can give you perfect synchronization of mind, breath & body. Yoga can also improve your immunity, relations, energy level & health of your body & mind.

Meditation in Haridwar:

Haridwar is sacred place & there are so many places are here which has amazing surroundings for meditation. Here there are so many good meditation instructors who can teach you meditation. Meditation is a practice to train the mind to know our self. Meditation is normally used for relaxation and stress release world wide. Meditation can give you a peace & balance which benefits to you both your emotional health as well as your overall health.

Holy Dip at Ganges:

According to Hindu tradition if you take a bath in the river Ganges your all sins will be removed. Average one billion people take holy dip in year. During Kumbh Mela year the number is increased to 10 billions. River Ganges is very clear and has sacred surroundings in Haridwar compare to other towns such as Varanasi or Allahabad. So this is best place to take holy dip at Ganges.

Haridwar Walk:

Haridwar walk by Haridwar Rishikesh Tourism is unique way to experience Haridwar. This tour is organized everyday. This tour provides opportunity to know this town & experience the Indian culture as well as day to day life of local people. Tour needs a minimum 05 hours but still you will not get tired because the whole tour has lots of things to do in less walking distance. The walk contains not only visit to interesting places but it also provides opportunity to experience some interesting things such as tasting famous local food items, to see genealogy registers (more than 400 hundred year old tradition), experience of art and culture.

Hinduism Lecture by Guru:

This is new trend in Haridwar. So many visitors from foreign countries are eager to learn & know about Hinduism when they come in this holy area. Some Guru’s (Spiritual Leaders) are here from them one can have small discussion or lecture on Hinduism. Prior appointment is required for this.

Ashram visit:

Haridwar is famous for its various ashrams. Every sect of Hindu has their ashram in Haridwar. There are so many types of ashrams are their. Every ashram has own work culture & rules. These ashrams are often visited by the well known spiritual leaders from all over India. Some ashrams are well known for their social & religious activities. Thousands of people are living in these ashrams for peaceful life. Visit these ashrams to know their culture, meet people living in ashrams.

Astrology in Haridwar (Palmistry):

Astrology or Palmistry services are also available in Haridwar. Personal horoscope & palm reading can be done at many places but you should choose the best among them. Birth date, time & city are general requirements for the session. Most of the people want to get answers about their future.

Karma Yoga:

Most of the people know yoga as physical exercise, but Karma Yoga means to do something good for other people. In Haridwar you are surrounded by spiritual atmosphere so this is one of the best places to do Karma Yoga. Join people who serve other people. Spend some time with poor & homeless old people living in few Ashram. Share your experiences with them. Distribute food or fruits to hungry people or cows. Visit orphan home & spend time with kids. Teach them few things if you have time.

Shopping in Haridwar:

Haridwar is best place to buy things which are related to spirituality specially Hinduism. There are several shops where they sale different stones, rudraksh, idols & many other things.

Haridwar Biking or Cycling:

Haridwar has beautiful surroundings of hills, river & jungle area. So many people like to enjoy biking or cycling to near by areas. Bikes & cycle can be hired on rent. Guide is required when driving to remote areas.

Other Activities in Haridwar:

Cooking classes, Dance & Music classes are other activities you can do in Haridwar.

Ashrams in Haridwar:

Haridwar is spiritual town so it is full of various ashrams. Different ashrams have different purposes. Some ashrams are dedicated to their own traditions so if you visit that particular ashram you must follow their rules & regulations. Some ashrams are dedicated to particular spiritual personalities. Some ashrams are established to serve mankind. Some ashrams are dedicated to yoga & other particular activity. Please take a look at below list of ashrams. Ashrams are best option if you come here for long stay & have spiritual purpose.

Yoga & Meditation in Haridwar:

Haridwar is very popular pilgrimage destination in all over India as well as other countries. People like to spend their time in such a wonderful spiritual atmosphere. People also try to learn & practice Yoga & meditation here. There are so many places where you can learn yoga. Well known spiritual gurus are here to guide you for Yoga & Meditation.

Ayurveda in Haridwar:

Ayurveda is a traditional way or system of medicines native to Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda is type of alternate medicine. Ayurveda is widely used in Haridwar as well as other parts of India. Some ashram and centers provide facility of Ayurvedic treatments. Panchkarma is very popular therapy. Panchkarma is used to get rid of toxic materials from our body. Ayurveda uses generally plant based medicines which found in Indian subcontinent.

Haridwar Excursions:

Rajaji National Park (Chilla wildlife sanctuary):

Rajaji national park (Chilla park) is located between Haridwar & Rishikesh of Uttarakhand state. The major guest comes here to know about nature, wild animals & bird & tribal village. Rajaji National Park is spread over 820 sq meters. You can visit here only November to June (Please clear the open date before arrival). Two types of safari you can do in the park (Jeep safari & Elephant safari).

Piran kaliyar Sarif:

Piran Kaliyar dargah (Tom) is located in 07 km from roorkee & 18 km from Haridwar. It is a famous dargha in the India. It is most sacred shrine for Hindus & Muslims. That is the reason all hindus & muslims is go there for prayer. It was constructed by ibrahim lodhi. Thuresday is the auspicious day for visit in Piran Kaliyer sarif.


Rishikesh is sacred town in Uttarakhand state. Rishikesh is Yoga capital of the world. It is situated just 30 kms far from Haridwar. Main attractions of Rishikesh are ancient temples, ashrams, yoga, meditation, rafting, camping & Bungee jumping. It is Just 25 Km from Haridwar.

Haridwar Tribal Tour(Village Tour):

Tribal tour can be done near Rajaji National Park or in Garhwal/Kumaoun villages. At Rajaji National park you can meet Gurjar Tribe which lives in their dera in small groups. This place is around 15 kms far from Haridwar. Lunch with Gurjars at their home or Jungle visit with this tribal people can be booked in advance. Best option to know how people in remote area spend their lives. Village stay or home stay in Garhwal or Kumaoun region is also another option.


Mussoorie is hill station which is 80 kms far from Haridwar & located at 6580 feet above from sea level. Gun Hill, Kempty fall, Company garden, landour & Lal tibba are places that you can visit. This hill town can give you tremendous views of snow clad Himalayas. Mussoorie is well known as queen of hills.


Devprayag is ancient town located at 95 kms far from Haridwar. Devprayag is confluence of River Alaknanda & River Bhagirathi. After this confluence the river is known as River Ganges (Ganga). Ancient temple of Lord Ram is also famous here. The whole route (from Rishikesh to Devprayag) is hilly area & have very beautiful sceneries.

Other places to visit near Haridwar:

Dehradun, Dhanaulti, Kanatal, Chamba, Chakrata, Landown, Tehri Dam, Auli, Nainital, Corbett, Ranikhet, Kausani, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Hemkund Sahib & Valley of flowers.

Haridwar Hotels:

Hotel Haveli Hari Ganga:

Hotel Haveli hari ganga (Heritage Hotel) is situated at bank of river Ganges (Ganga) 500 meters before har ki pauri. It is one of the best heritage hotel with luxury amenities. 20 rooms are available with the fully decorated in modern style . You can also enjoy the live music with dinner at hotel. Private restaurant, Bathing Ghat is also available in the hotel Haveli Hari Ganga.

Hotel Ganga Lahari:

Hotel Ganga lahari is situated at the bank of river ganges (Ganga) 200meter before har ki pauri. It is on of the best hotel near har ki pauri. 16 Rooms are available with the fully furnished in the hotel. All rooms are Ganga facing. Private restaurant also available in hotel.

Hotel The Rio:

Hotel The Rio is Located at near Railway station (500 Meter). It is 3* standard hotel. It is one of the best hotel near Haridwar railway station. 28 Rooms are available with morden facilities. Private restaurant also available. Har Ki Pauri 02 km far from Hotel The Rio.

Country Inn Suites:

Hotel country inn suites is 4* Hotel in Haridwar. It is located at Haridwar Rishikesh higway(NH-58). It is 03 kms from Har ki Pauri & 05 Kms from Haridwar railway station. 56 rooms are available for stay. Non vegetarian food is also available in the hotel because it is out side from the city.

Hotel Park Grand:

Hotel Park Grand is 3* Hotel in Haridwar. It is situated on NH-58 (National Highway) before 01 km from Har ki Pauri. In the Park grand hotel there are 48 rooms with modern facilities. Multi cuisine restaurant is also available in hotel.

Hotel La Casa:

Hotel La Casa is 2* Hotel in Haridwar. It is located 1.5 Km from Har ki Pauri. 22 Luxury rooms are available for comfortable stay. Restaurant is not available in hotel. Hotel is 01 km from Haridwar railway station.

Other Hotels in Haridwar:

Hotel Ganga veiw, Hotel Gyan heritage, Hotel SRS Lakshya, Hotel Classic Residancy, Hotel Le grand, Hotel Heaven, Hotel Mark land, Hotel Gang Trang, Hotel Ganges Rivera, Hotel Abode, Hotel Neelkhant, Hotel Shivalik, Hotel sachin International, Hotel Shivmurti, Hotel Modi Inn, Hotel Kapoor, Hotel Ganga Heritage, Hotel Suryodaya, Hotel Hari Ki Pauri, Hoteel Ganga Darshan, Hotel grand Shiva, Hotel Bhaj Govindam, Hotel Park Veiw, Hotel Grand basnt, Hotel Godwin, Hotel Radisson Blue, Hotel Classic Residency, Hotel Vinayak, Hotel Vijay Laxmi, Hotel Himgiri, Hotel Aditya Deluxe, Hotel Raj Deluxe, Hotel Mhalaxmi, Hotel Mansa Devi, Hotel Sun, Hotel Sun City, Hotel Mansarovar, Hotel Tirshool, Hotel Santosh Residency, Hotel sharma Palace, Hotel Khanna Palace, Hotel Sughanda Palace, Hotel Hari Heritage, Aalia Resort, Hotel Teerth, Hotel Midtown, Hotel Gardaniya, Hotel Hyphen, Hotel Chitra Grand, Hotel Rose valley, Hotel Alakhnanda, Hotel Alpana, Hotel Paradise.

Shopping In Haridwar:

Every tourist wants some special souvenirs of the trip for their family, friends or relatives. Haridwar has so many varieties for Shopping. Here in markets you can get gems, jewelry, precious & semi precious stones, cloths, idols, rudraksh, spiritual books & other spiritual items. Main market are major shopping areas.

Places To Eat In Haridwar:

Haridwar is well known destination for Indian as well as foreign tourists, so Haridwar has lots of varieties in food. In Haridwar traditional Indian cuisine, Italian, Maxican, Chinese, American food is available. North Indian & South Indian food is widely used. Non vegetarian food is prohibited in Haridwar area because it is a holy place. How ever there are lots of varieties of food in Haridwar mainly near Railway Station & Ranipur area. Common Indian traditional Items are below listed.

Foods In Haridwar:

  • Roti – Indian bread (Naan, Tandoori Roti & Chapati are its options).
  • Paratha: Paratha is India flat bread generally stuffed with potato, paneer.
  • Paneer: Cottage cheese. (Generally mixed with vegetables)
  • Dal – Lentil.
  • Pulao – Rice cooked with spices and vegetable.
  • Kofta: Similar to meatball but vegetarian.
  • Thali – Combine platter of different dishes.
  • Dosa – Similar to crepe or thin pancake made from Rice & black lentils).
  • Vegetables: Aaloo (Potato), Mattar (Peas), Palak (Spinach).
  • Popular Snacks in Haridwar: Chat, Panipuri, Jalebi, Kachori, Samosa, Chow mein.
  • Popular Drinks in Haridwar: Lassi (A yogurt drink generally mixed with fruits and other stuff), Chai – Tea (Masala Chai – Tea with special spices) & Various Fruit Juices.

  • Restaurants in Haridwar:

    Hoshiyar Puri:

    This restaurant is one of the oldest restaurant in Haridwar. Always busy with lots of tourists. Mostly they offer Indian style food. It is located on the upper road & very close to Har Ki Pauri.

    Mohan Puri:

    Mohan Puri Restaurant is located just near the Har Ki Pauri. They serve very good Halwa & Puri. Place is always busy with lots of people.

    Big Ben Restaurant:

    Big Ben Restaurant is located near Railway station & Hari ki Pauri. Restaurant serves so many varieties in food (Indian as well as continental).

    Other Restaurants in Haridwar:

    Mathura Wala, Chandra Mohan Dhaba, Chotiwala, Dosa Plaza & Pizza Hut.

    Ghats in Haridwar:

    Ghats are important part of this holy town. Ghat is structure similar to steps which allows people to take bath at River. Almost 50% people who visit Haridwar take holy dip here. Har Ki Pauri, Brahmakund, Subhash Ghat, Kushwah Ghat, Mahila ghat & VIP Ghat are one of the important ghats in Haridwar.

    Yoga Ashrams in Haridwar:

    Haridwar has so many ashrams for yoga. Yoga classes are provided daily basis or pre decided schedules. Some ashrams provide classes only to the people who stay in their ashram. Ashrams are best option if you want to stay for long time for yoga (More than week).

    How to reach Haridwar:

    Haridwar is well connected by road with Delhi as well as other cities. Haridwar Railway Station is also very good option. Dehradun is nearest airport to Haridwar which is just 25 kms far from here & have daily flights from New Delhi.

    Haridwar By Air:There are daily flights from New Delhi to Dehradun. There is also Air India flight from Lucknow on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Air India, Jet Konnect & Spice is major airlines which have daily flights from Delhi.

    Haridwar By Rail: Haridwar Railway station is very popular option to reach by train. Shatabdi Express (Train Number 12017), A/C Special (Train Number 12205) & Mussoorie Express (Train Number 14041) are one of the best options to reach Haridwar from New Delhi.

    Haridwar By Road: Haridwar is Just 220 kms far from New Delhi by Road. It takes almost 06 – 07 hrs drive to reach here. Road is via Meerut Bypass & Roorkee.

    Weather in Haridwar:

    Haridwar can be visited through out the year how ever September, October & November are best time to visit Haridwar. Spring season in Haridwar is from Mid February to late May. Summer season is from mid May to July. Monsoon starts generally in late July till the September. In winter temperature is minimum 6 C & during summer temperature is maximum 39 C. For more information click Here

    Festivals in Haridwar:

    Kumbh Mela:

    Kumbh Mela is celebrated after every 12 years in four different locations based on alignment of planets since 5th centaury. Haridwar is one of the four places where Kumbh Mela is organized. Kumbh Mela is considered one of the largest gathering in the world. Next Kumbh Mela will be organized in Haridwar 2022. Ardh Kumbh mela is organized every 6 years. Next ardh kumbh mela will be organized at Haridwar in 2016.

    Kanwar Yatra:

    Kanwar Yatra (Kanvad) is also known as Kavad Mela is celebrated by the devotees of lord Shiva in saawan (July- Aug month) of Hindu calendar. Pilgrims (Kanvariyas) visit Haridwar, Rishikesh & Gaumukh to get water of River Ganga which is later offered to temples of Lord Shiva. Normally more than 60 lakh people visit Haridwar in less than 15 days.


    Holi is famous festival in all over India especially in North India. Holi is festival of color. Holi festival celebrated in Fagun month as per Hindu calendar & generally it comes in Feb - March. Holi is celebrated with colors. People put colors on each other. Holi is amazing festival with lots of fun.


    Diwali is major festival in Rsihikesh similar to all over India especially in Hindu people of north region. During Diwali festival Rishikesh is totally decorated with various lights, earthen lamps, Rangoli & other things. People greet each other & share sweets with each other.

    Other Festivals in Haridwar:

    Basantpanchami, Shivratri, Rakshabandhan, Janmasthmi, Dasharaha, Amavasaya, Purnima.

    National Parks Near Haridwar:

    Rajaji National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Valley of Flowers, Nandadevi National Park, Gangotri National Park & Govind National Park.

    Wildlife Centauries Near Haridwar:

    Kedarnath wildlife centaury (Kedarnath), Vinog mountain quail sanctuary (Dehradun), Govind wildlife centaury (Uttarkashi), Malan wildlife centaury (Pauri Garhwal), Sonanadi wildlife centaury (Garhwal), Ascot wildlife centaury (Pithoragarh) & Binsar wildlife centaury (Binsar).

    Research Institutes near Haridwar:

    (A) Forest Reserch Institute Dehradun (B) Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd, Rishikesh (C) Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi (D) Higher Altitude Plant physiology Research Center, Srinagar, Pauri Garhwal (E) Central Building Research Institute, Roorki (F) Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun (G) Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun (H) Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, (ARIES) Nainital. (I) G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development, Almora (J) Bedupako Institute of Himalayan Arts and Folk Music, Manan, Almora (K) Herbal Research & Development Institute & Gopeshwar.

    Taxi Service in Haridwar:

    Taxi service in Haridwar is available, if required for sightseeing or any other journey. How ever Haridwar taxi service is not similar to big cities. Charges are little high as there are not so much travelers.

    Haridwar Sightseeing Tours:

    Various sightseeing tours are as mentioned. Full day local Haridwar sightseeing, Haridwar walk, Rafting tours, Haridwar Trekking tours to various places, full day adventure tours, Half day yoga & meditation tours in Haridwar, Ashram life tours in Haridwar, cultural tour in Haridwar, full day village tours, full day tribal tours, Local handicraft tours in Haridwar, Social life tours in Haridwar, Culinary tours in Haridwar, Jungle safari tours & Spiritual tours in Haridwar can be done within a day.

    Haridwar Holiday Packages:

    Take a look at various holiday options for Haridwar. Haridwar Holiday Package, Haridwar Yoga Package, Haridwar with Rishikesh Tour, Haridwar with Rishikesh & Mussoorie Tour, Haridwar with Agra & Mathura Tour, Haridwar with Rishikesh & Varanasi Tour, Haridwar with Corbett Tour, Haridwar with Nainital Tour, Haridwar with Kumaoun Tour, Haridwar with complete Garhwal Tour.

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