Yoga Niketan Ashram - Yoga Niketan Ashram Rishikesh

Rishikesh city is known as world capital of Yoga. Even the name of Sage Patanjali was known only in the small circles of scholars. The philosophy of Yoga was studied by persons who wanted to specialize in the six schools of Philosophy. The Yoga of Patanjali is an important part of Philosophy. But it was studied not for practice but for the acquisition of learning. In the present age the practical yogis are extremely rare but Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati has revived the ancient yogic system and given it a new direction.

Yoga Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh

Yoga Niketan Ashram was founded by Swami yogeshwaranand Paramahans. He was the master of Raj Yoga and he is the only Indian so far who had been granted Honorary Presidentship of International League of Yoga under the Auspicious of UNESCO, he had practically performed and demonstrated the power of yoga by stopping his heart and again restarting the same, when he demonstrated at Japan and he was closely supervised ay the medical fraternity, who confirmed the power of yoga when all the machines attached to his body stopped, (when he stopped his heartbeat) and revive after sometime. Impressed by the power of Yoga Mr. K. Kimura a Billionaire in Japan became his disciple who at present is running 30 branches in the whole of Japan under the name of Japan Yoga Niketan. In Holland there is an independent branch of Yoga Niketan, run by Mertens Luciew popularly known as Atma Muni.

The education is based totally in Patanjali yoga shastra. The main activity of the Ashram is to train and provide guidance in the practice of Patanjali's eight fold paths. This includes physical, mental and spiritual training. The admission to the courses is open to all without any discrimination of caste, creed or Nationality. Minimum stay required is 15 days, aspirants (students) having shorter period can stay in the Ashram guest house and avail the facility of attending classes in the ashram. On holidays, when there is no class, all the inmates/ Sadhaks may visit our Radha-Krishna Temple at Ganga Ghat at the time of Aarti, if so desired, and clean Yoga Hall and Meditation Hall. Majority of the students are from the different parts of the world and different nationality. The mode of education is English and Hindi.

Meditation at Yog Niketan Ashram

Sadhna Hall or the meditation hall has got room cooler as well as air conditioner for the comfort of the students, to enable them to practice meditation quite comfortably. It can accommodate up to 100 students. Cushions are provided to sit upon. Meditation and sadhana class are held early morning before yoga class and in the evening after yoga class and followed by dinner.

Yoga at Yog Niketan Ashram

Yoga Hall cum Samadhi hall is exclusively used morning and evening for Asanas and Pranayams, Kriyas are done once a week and there is a big platform outside the hall for the same. Inside yoga hall room coolers are provided for comfortable practice during all seasons. There are two classes in a day, one the morning as well as in the evening, classes are taken by experienced teachers under the guidance of Yoga Acharya and one of the trustees Swami Vigayanand ji. Ashram has got a publication named "First Step to Higher Yoga" which depicts all the asana (nearly 300), freely illustrated and details of benefits to specific part of the body. In the side of the yoga hall Tomb of Founder President whose body was laid to rest in meditation position and buried there after his death. There is a marble statue of the founder at that spot.

Yog Niketan Ashram Library

Library is well stocked of spiritual Literature of well known writers in different language, some of the publication have been translated to foreign languages as well.

Food at Yog Niketan Ashram

Ashram has a community Kitchen where food is prepared free from all type of spices and chilies. Different variety of breakfast is prepared mainly of porridge and tea. In food, Indian Chappati (bread), Rice, One type of pulse one type of green vegetable and green salad is served. Every student is provided with proper dishes which they have to clean themselves, during their stay in the ashram. At times seasonal fruit is also served.

Yoga Niketan Ashram Guest House

On the main Badrinath Road, Ashram has got one temple, which anybody can visit. By the side of the temple on the bank of Ganges, 20 room guest house is run commercially i.e. donation, it is equal to three star hotel having facilities of canteen and telephone in each room. Person staying in the guest house can go downstairs, have a dip in the Holy Ganga and come back in his/her room. There is enough parking spaces available in the guest house. Round the clock security system is there in the Guest House as well as in the temple. 24 Hrs electricity and water supply is also available.

Places to Visit Near Yog Niketan Ashram

Yoga niketan ashram is situated good location in rishikesh. Ashram also has a beautiful view of hills and River on the back side of ashram. Swarg ashram, Geeta Bhavan, Sivananda Asharm, Parmarth Niketan, Ram jhula 500mts from yog Niketan Ashram. Lakahman Jhula 03km from the ashram. Triveni Ghat 09 kms from Ashram. Vashisht Cave 30 Kms from Ashram.

Things to do in Yog Niketan Ashram

Yoga Niketan ashram is famous for daliy Yoga and Meditation Class, Spiritual lecture, Satsang in evening, Local Market visit.

Hotels near Yog Niketan Ashram

Hotel Vasundhara Palace, Hotel The Great Ganga, Hotel Pure Inn, Hotel Sanskriti.

How to Reach Yog Niketan Ashram

Its only 100 mts from Ram Jhula, 06 km from Triveni Ghat, 04 Km from Lakshman Jhula, 28 km far from Haridwar, 240 km from Delhi, 35 km from Dehradun, 20 km from Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, 70 km from Mussoorie. You can go by taxi, by bus & by your private vehicles.

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