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Thank you for visit our pitra puja page. we know you are real son who give the rest in peace to your ancestors. Our team is helping our guest who want to do the compalete pitra puja (Ancester prayer) in Hairdwar. We can do worship in Haridwar, Badrinath, Gaya for the peace of ancestors. for more Information can contact Mr. Ashish +91-735117-4488.

Pitra Pooja - Pitra Pooja In Haridwar

Pitra is alluded to our predecessors and relatives who are dead. Pitra Dosh is alluded to the circumstance when the withdrew progenitors or relatives have not achieved peace or salvation. Significance of gifts from Pitra is clarified in Rig Veda (Book 10: Hymn 15). This song contains an arrangement of 14 stanzas and these refrains diagrams the significance of satisfying Pitra alongside the fundamental technique to satisfy them and advantages of satisfying the Pitra.
आच्या जानु दक्षिणतो निषद्येमं यज्ञमभि गर्णीतविश्वे | मा हिंसिष्ट पितरः केन चिन नो यद व आगःपुरुषता कराम ||

Pitra Pooja Mantra Meaning

Our antiquated dads who merit the Soma (Nectar) who came, most honorable, to our meal. With these let Yama (God of Death), longing with the longing, cheering eat our contributions at his pleasure.

Celestially Pitra Dosh is typically observed by Sun - Rahu combination or Rahu aspecting Sun in the natal horoscope. The consequence of Pitra Dosh will to a great extent rely upon the house in which Sun and Rahu are conjunct. Moon and Rahu combination may likewise prompt Pitra Dosh, which now and again is alluded as Maitri Dosh. A few stargazers take Maitri Dosh to emerge on Mother's side and Pitra Dosh on the Father's side. There are some other mix of planets in the birth horoscope which may prompt Pitra Dosh as well. A specialist stargazer is the best judge to choose over the degree and the impact of Pitra Dosha.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja helps in beating the negative effects of Pitra Dosh. This Puja is frequently performed at a couple of assigned spots like Gaya, Banaras, Pehowa, Tryambkeshwar, Hardwar and so forth. Haridwar is accepted to be the place for Pind Daan. A few people play out this Puja at home as well. A specialist stargazer or a senior Pandit ought to be counseled when playing out this Puja at home.

Pitra Pooja (Ancestor prayer) FAQ

Why can we do the pitra pooja (Ancestor prayer):As we know that human body want some energy for complete their human cycling similarly our pitra( ancestor) want some energy for their travel. Thats why we all should be prayer for comatable his journey.

Q 01. What is Pitra dosha?

Pitru dosha is known as the ninth house in a person's horoscope (natal chart), it is considered to be the house of the father, the ancestor, the fortune and the fortune. A combination of Surya and Rahu currently indicates Pitru Dosha in mixtures of other planets, which removes all predictions of the place of Karma. Pitra dosha in the horoscope indicates that a person did not do what is required of his predecessors or that they were disappointed with him for unknown reasons. Pitra dosha can result in the same way when a parent kills the bucket in an abnormal way or in the case where one has not made his offering on the soul of his friends and family members.
By the time people left / the predecessors have not reached harmony due to the absence of strict customs at the time of their passage, a form "dohsa" is formed in the horoscope known as " Pitra Dosh "Est. Pitru is the person who passed the bucket abnormally and did not reach salvation. Because of this, people are taking steps to prevent Pitra Dosha. Likewise due to the negative acts of his ancestors. Pitru Dosha can overcome many difficulties in everyday life and in this sense, Pitra Dosha Prevention Pooja is suggested for the achievement of harmony for a happy and peaceful common life and for the dry soul of its predecessors. East. Brahma Parashar (BPHS) gives 14 types of Pitra dosha. They would be the original driver.
Pitrupaksha begins with Poornima and ends on the day of Sarv Pitri Amavasya after 16 days. Narayani Shilla Temple in Haridwar, Bharam Kapal Badrinath (Uttarakhand) & Gaya in Bihar is considered the largest ancestral sanctuary. Are you also considering going to this ancestral side for Shraddha Karma, If you have less time and want to moor your fathers cheaper, you can do it at Narayani Shila temple in Haridwar.

Q 02. Where do peoples come from for Pitru puja ?

The ancestors reach salvation by offering to Narayani Shila temple in Haridwar. People come from all over the world for pitra puja. Such a mention is also found in the Puranas. During Pitru Paksha, enthusiasts from all over the world continue to visit here. People come here and offer prayers to the souls of their ancestors. After the Gaya temple for puja performed in Pitru Paksha, the Narayani Shila temple of Haridwar has a special place.

Q 03. Where can do Pitra Pooja?

This is why this temple is very important. After bathing in the Ganges at Haridwar, people visit Narayani Shila Temple and Kusha Ghat to pay homage to their ancestors. Although shraddh can be performed anywhere on the ancestral side, but the offering of salvation to the ancestors is done by offering on the Narayani Shila of Dharmanagri Haridwar. Such a mention is also found in the Puranas.

Q 04. Why Pitra puja is so important?

It is said about the Narayani Shila temple that once a demon named Gaya Sur fled from Devlok with Lord Vishnu, i.e. Shree Vigraha of Narayana, as he fled, the torso of the deity of Narayana, that is to say that the head of the sanctuary fell at the place called Bahmakapali of Sreebadrinath Dham. The part of her heart from the navel throat fell to Narayani temple in Haridwar and fell to Charan Gaya, where Gyaasur died after falling at the feet of Narayan. In other words, he got salvation. According to the Skandha Purana's Kedar Khand, Narayana's heart in Haridwar is considered more important because mother Lakshmi resides in her heart. Therefore, Shraddha Karma is considered to be of particular importance in this place.

Q 05. Do you know what should be done in Shraddha Paksha and what not?

It is necessary to follow many things and rules during Shraddha Paksha. It is also called Scripture. But on the contrary, there are such things that are prohibited during Shraddha Paksha. But if a person does this, then he has to go through all the pain and suffering. We're going to tell you about some of these things from the Shraddhapaks here. Let us know what to do and not at Shraddhapaksha.

Q 06. Is prohibitions at Shraddha Paksha?

These things say that the use of lentils, dhatura, flaxseed, kulathi and madar dal is prohibited during Shraddhapaksha. Apart from that, consumption of medicine and tamasic food should also be avoided. Apart from that, it is also said in the Scriptures that during Shraddha Paksha, oil or soap should not be used on the body. Apart from that, the use of perfume is also prohibited. Entrance to the new house is also prohibited during Shraddh. Fathers are said to go to the same house where the death took place, but when they find no one there, they suffer a lot. Shastra says that if the person does not consider the prohibition in Shraddha Paksha, then he may face pain, suffering and discord.
According to the works of the fathers, the Brahmins should be invited with respect and respect in the Shraddha Paksha according to the hymns. But keep in mind that they should have food in the afternoon. Because morning and evening time is considered to be that of the gods and goddesses, and the afternoon is the day of the ancestors. Apart from that, the Brahmins should offer candy or sweet food and offer fruit and Dakshina, etc. It is said that the happier the Brahmins, the happier your fathers are and give blessings of happiness and prosperity. Apart from that, every day you perform Shraddha, you should definitely read Pitar Stotra facing south. Apart from that, the grass should be given to dogs, crows or cows. It is said that if you do not do this, Shraddha is also considered incomplete. Read this: Pitrupaksha arrives after 4 days, don't make these 9 mistakes, the fathers' souls will be angry ".